Awakening Consciousness

A Year of Awakening Consciousness

Our One Year Course in Awareness, Breath, Dreams and Images Co-creating Consciously, Joyful and Happy within the learning environment of a team of co-creative students and tutors.

“In dwelling, be close to the land.
In meditation, go deep in the heart.
In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.
In speech, be true

He moves in harmony with the present moment,
always knowing the truth of just what to do.” – Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Verse 8

Join us for the happiest on-line course you can imagine. Sure you will have your moments yet you will feel supported through them into more joy, love and happiness.

This course will spiral your consciousness and expand your awareness to new heights as you unfold to having more love, enjoyment, creativity and awareness in your life.

Live happily in the moment

Receive income abundantly doing what it is you love
Achieve your peak in anything you aspire to in business, family, work, art or invention.
Grow into the being you always wanted to
Have the relationships in which you flourish
Feel supported and all ways helped to achieve goals
Find your answers to the challenges of life in a faster changing world
Receive guidance from your dreams and imagery
You are about to discover tools and exercises that will make your journey easier and more fun.

Our One Year Course promises:

Life-changing daily insights.
Enhancement techniques to increase your brain, heart and body intelligence. These create an inner-sense that will guide you and make it easiest for you to achieve your full potential and the outcomes you desire.

Let a growing appreciation for all life open your heart and reveal your new abilities to create and manifest what would love to be, doing what you would love to do that gives the world what you would love to give it.

With help and our guidance supporting you will discover a joyful state of being in which your have more fun completing every day tasks easily with more insight and creativity.
Powerful and effective tools and practices will help you establish your life-long dream life-style doing what you most love being.

You will learn how to accept, create and most effectively work with support.

Contemplations and spiritual exercises will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and increasing self-awareness of all that goes on around you and how you can co-ordinate your energies and activities with your the changes within and without to your maximum benefit for your greatest ease of living and the most love in your life.

Within these exercises you discover your own wisdom, wisdom that helps you to make the changes you imagine for yourself more quickly and with greater ease and joy. Awareness of the way the universe works and always gives us what we most need to achieve our goals, even though it may not look or feel like it at times.

Body-chat and awareness of dreams, images, feelings and ideas as messages from the Universe to you will help you see what and you are suggesting as your best course of action for maximum results and happiness on the journey.

Our leading conscious nutrition program will improve your health more than you imagine and restore your abilities to work with others and the universe to achieve your goals.

The synergy of this course arises from a unique distillation of wisdom used for millenia to increase consciousness and succeed at being your self enjoying life happily doing that which you love being.

These changes are made easier with indefinable quantum potentials, geometric forms,
I look forward to seeing you in this course, helping you release yourself more deeply and showing you how to discover who you are and what your realities are through breath, consciousness and spiritual exercises. This will awaken you to the full potential of your self-awareness.

In this you will work in groups with your angels and spiritual masters and those that help me will happily assist.

We love to listen to your experiences and offer insight and wisdom at free MeetUps in Dunedin every month in open venues where public eat, meet, listen and share.  Please invite your friends and everyone to this MeetUp HERE.

For full information and enrollment open your choice and opportunity on this and our other Courses HERE.

David Baillie ND, BSc, RBT, RTC, FTIOC
Your Personal Consciousness Tutor and Coach








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